I have been a registered architect for over 25 years.

From my experience, buildings are like people, every one has a story, and it’s these stories that drive our practice.

Our specific architectural expertise ranges from residential projects to larger commercial, health, education and science buildings.

We share our space with like-minded architects RCA studio and EBD (Evidenced Based Design).

This enables us to pool resources, assist, collaborate and critique each other.

Our studio is in orbit around our senior architect Emily Wallace. Emily has experience in all facets of

architecture and an ease with clients that sets her apart. Emily could also install your kitchen and

design and build you a dining table if that’s what your heart desired.

Max Murray is a graduate of architecture that hasn’t been able to escape his childhood shackles!

Growing up in and around building sites he is forging his own way with humour and humility.

Beyond his artistic abilities he keeps us entertained and enthused.

Please contact us for project and employment inquiries.