pohutukawa, merimbula, new south wales

Architects remain attached to ‘their’ houses and gardens and clients in varying degrees. Families grow and change and increase and reduce and divide and you’re often along for the ride.

As this house sat directly opposite our own we got to enjoy the flow of this house and even the overflow. The client’s grandkids often using our home as a change in surroundings or a retreat from grandparenthood.

It’s a favorite house of mine. So simple, and like my clients, a little crazy. The large central covered deck is where all the action is unless the winter south wester is plying it’s trade. It’s then you have to batten down the hatches. It’s really a summer retreat. A kind of camping experience but without the sand and dirt and dodgy toilet block. It’s painfully cliched but this house really does blur the boundaries between inside and out. I think that’s what defines the spirit of a beach house.